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Pinterest your heart out! We're just here to make sure your day runs smoothly.

Affordable Wedding Day Management for couples who want to plan all the fun details of their own wedding day.

how it works

Your wedding manager will meet with you to create your full day plan.  We step in up to four weeks before your wedding to help you with timing so that your day runs smoothly and you know where to stand and when to smile.


  • 1 hour walk-through four weeks before your wedding
  • We help you create a timeline for the entire day that makes sense¬†(hair/makeup, ceremony, introductions, 1st dance, cake cutting, exit, etc)
  • We will help you determine your ceremony/processional order
  • Vendor confirmations (2 weeks out)
  • Your wedding manager will run the rehearsal the day before (after 4pm in Rome and for no more than 1 hour – availability outside Rome is negotiable)

wedding day

  • We arrive 2 hours before the ceremony begins to be sure your vendors have arrived and all the things are happening
  • We’ll check in with you while you’re doing photos
  • You’ll have access to our emergency kit
  • Ceremony direction (we’ll be right there wrangling groomsmen and telling you when to walk dawn the aisle)
  • Line-up the wedding party for Introductions
  • Make sure you are ready for your 1st dance and your parents are ready for their dances
  • Show you how to hold the knife to cut the cake for photos
  • Your Wedding Manager will be onsite for a total of 5 hours

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